Wednesday , September 20 2017
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Catching a glimpse of chaotic world of politics

By Josie Moralidad Ziman Special to Manila Mail WASHINGTON D.C. The excitement and glamour of national politics can sometimes prove irresistible for the young, especially those expecting civility and logic to rule in crafting the people’s work. Louie Tan Vital, 22, of Seattle, WA. finished last a four-month internship at ...

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Filipino language challenges American in Philippines

By Eric A. Green Special to Manila Mail ARLINGTON, Va. I figured going in that as an English-speaking American, I might have trouble communicating with my wife’s Filipino family when we recently traveled to her native Philippines. Yes, I knew English was commonly spoken in Manila, what you might call ...

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Why I Chose Nursing as My Profession

By Nathaniel Rionda EDITORS’ NOTE: We are publishing this essay that helped Nathan win a scholarship at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The author hails from Reston, Va, the son of Ricky and Marilyn Rionda of Aldie, Va. He is on his junior year taking up B.S. Nursing on a ...

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Duterte: ‘I’m humble friend’ of US

MANILA. President Rodrigo Duterte, discarding the angry rhetoric, called himself the “humble friend” of the United States even as his generals weighed an alleged offer by the Pentagon to unleash missile-firing drones against Maute militants in Marawi. The Philippine leader met with US State Secretary Rex Tillerson in Malacanang on ...

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Free tuition approved for PH state colleges

MANILA. President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the first-ever Philippine statute granting free tuition for all state colleges and vocational schools across the country. It’s expected to benefit over a million students but has also raised questions about where to get the money to pay for such an ambitious expansion of ...

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