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The Best Gift I Have Given Myself!

By Maia Paglinawan Carney

CPT and Owner of The WorX by Maia Fitness

Did you know that one out of two Filipinos are overweight? One out of five are clinically obese. Filipinos are 70 pecent more likely to be overweight and obese than any other Asian-American.

Sadly, statistics don’t change us — but stories may! Here’s mine…

Six years ago I was overweight. My mission was to be the best 7th grade teacher. Each student received my best, which left me on empty most days. I packed on the pounds and had multiple health problems.

I took after my mom; she’s an unconditional giver. It’s a trait I believe many Filipinos inherit as well. My mom raised me to take care of everyone, but I never really learned that I should take care of myself. Forgetting my own needs let my health issues pile up on each other, often confining me to bed, or worse, in the hospital with excruciating migraines.

During this time, I was planning my wedding and felt incomplete. How can you promise your heart to someone when you don’t love yourself first?

I decided to TAKE ACTION despite life’s craziness!   My Filipino family was always asking, “Have you eaten yet?” offering lechon kawali, egg rolls, and white rice. Getting myself moving and eating cleaner became a MUST for me. The months before my wedding, I committed to P90X with my friends because I knew I couldn’t do it alone and it’s more fun with company!

Two years later I’m living my life free of migraines, depression, and anxiety. I am a fit Mama of two beautiful kids (expecting #3!) who understand why Mama takes care of herself. Now, I can pass on to my kids the love of giving to others while taking care of themselves.

I opened up a fitness studio, The WorX by Maia, where the message is simple: You are worth it. To give more, you have to give to you!

Here are my tips to make it happen for you:

Say out loud “I must do this!” You are the driver of your life – take control now. Do it before the doctor sits you down and tells you have hypertension, diabetes, or kidney dysfunction – the top 3 diseases that affect Filipinos.

Say out loud “I MUST do this!” Find your WHY! Find the fuel that will get you to act! My Why is my family. They deserve a healthy mama! Plus I need the energy running after a 2- and 1-year old.

Say out loud “I CAN and I WILL do this!” Find the appropriate path for you to start and find others with the same goal to support you!

Don’t put your health on the backburner. Don’t wait for perfect timing. Just start!

You can begin with my 10 minute WorXout below:

10 minute WorXout:

30 Seconds – Jumping Jacks

30 Seconds – Squat Kicks

30 Seconds – Knee Push ups

30 seconds – Reverse Lunges

Repeat as many times as you can for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up before and stretch after!

DO YOU! (translation WorX at your level and speed, always!)

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