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Healing in the Secret Garden (Part 2)

It’s a lazy summer day this afternoon as the sun sets over the secret garden. What turned out to be a hot and humid day is now turning up to be a cool stroll through the emerald green. As I surveyed the garden for harvest I walked up to a fig tree, one of my favorites, a familiar Gavin Degraw song started playing through my headphones.

“Staring at a maple leaf

Leaning on the mother tree

I said to myself we all lost touch

Your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries

And seedless watermelon ohhhh

Nothing from the ground is good enough”

How convenient, I thought to myself, with such powerful lyrics echoing right to me as if he wrote it specifically for me at this very moment.

As I mentioned last week being home, let alone having to wait for the recovery process from my accident to take its course, has been nothing short of a big challenge for me. Being in the secret garden however, has brought some much needed nourishment not only to my physical healing eating healthier with these greens but also spiritual healing as my muse has whispered me plenty food for thought like picking apart Gavin’s popular lyrics.

Growing up to 32 feels so much quicker in hindsight especially when you have so much time on your hands reflecting. Just like he said, “we all lost touch”, like many of us do when it comes to work life balance. For most in this age we live in a time where everything is about instant gratification or let’s get onto the next big thing. No wonder time really does fly.

“The most valuable things in life come free”, she says to me, words I will never forget. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for me to just sit down and be still in nature, which my garden echoes through my head with Gavin’s words saying, “nothing from the ground is good enough”. We get ourselves so caught up in chasing things we don’t have instead of just being thankful for what we DO have or even remembering the true important things that matter in life.

Eating from this fig tree is a reminder that nothing tastes better than what comes straight from God’s green earth. This sweet fig was not something manmade or engineered. Sure we spent time laboring to plant and water it, but isn’t that a joy of life we all should be living for in itself? Having something to work for? Doesn’t that give us purpose and meaning? If there’s a journey then there’s a challenge. With the challenge comes the ups and downs that we all get to experience in life in all her glory.

These, all humble reminders healing me in the secret garden.

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