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Grand opening

Bistro 7107, the trendy Pinoy restaurant that closed in Crystal City, VA last March this year has reopened on July 31 as Bistro 1521 along Glebe Road in Ballston, Virginia.

What’s so familiar about 1521? Another tsismoso answered, “it sounds like the song of Pinoy comediane Yoyoy Villame, in March 16, 1521, the Philippines was discovered by Magellan.”

This is not supposed to be your grandfather’s lutong bahay turo-turo Pinoy restaurant. If you look at the sample menu in their website, you can tell that the traditional Filipino menu has been reinvented to expand the boundaries of their clientele beyond those are used to the taste of puto at dinuguan, a smiling whole fish on a plate or the whole shrimp swimming in a sinigang bowl.

From the looks of it, the Filipino community this side of the Potomac River really want an upscale Pinoy restaurant where they can take their guests without apologizing for the experience.

Seen during the first week of business feasting on their favorite dishes were Tsismoso’s favorite community leader the ever blooming and available Mitzi Pickard, dashing and also available Charge d’Affaires of the Philippine Embassy, Patrick Chuasoto, the Manila Mail’s Editor Rodney Jaleco, PAFC’s Sonny Busa and wife Ceres, Bobby and Gloria Federigan, Angelyn Tugao Marzan and daughter and many many familiar faces.

Tsismoso is still saving money so he/she can order the biggest crispy pata. Although initial feed back is positive, somebody posted about his unmet expectations. While he did not order ampalaya, mapait ang kanyang review. Tsismoso is very understanding of the challenges faced by a new operation. Management and its crew will get better as they go along. I suppose they know that great food and great service is the most effective advertising.

In the meantime, Tsismoso will continue to save so he/she can patronize and help sustain the longevity of a Pinoy restaurant in Northern Virginia.


A member of a charismatic group in Maryland was overheard expressing her exasperation over the social degeneration that has found its way inside the holy premises of the church.

Mayroon diyan nagsisimba at naka-skirt na kapos masyado. Pagnaka-upo, nakikita and hindi dapat. Yong iba diyan, mababa ang neckline, parang nagpapakita talaga ng kanilang bola-bola. Mayroon naman babae at lalaki, magkasama magsimba. Magkatabi at habang nagmimisa, naghihimas sa isa’t isa. Sus maryosep. Parang nasa sine sa Pinas.”

This tsismoso says that the priest at his/her church has already posted a sign requesting church attendees to please wear proper attire. The only problem is that some people think it is proper attire na magpahangin ng kalooban sa simbahan.

Ay naku, talagang ganyan na ang buhay ngayon. Sabi ng isang tsismoso “the more is seen, the more that people want to see.”

This tsismoso thinks that carnivorous exposure is a threat to the church.

“Nakakademonyo yan sa mga pari. Sino pa ang magmimisa sa atin, sino pa ang mag-bless sa mga patay kung wala nang magpapari?”

May katukwiran!



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