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200 days

Soon after the election of Donald Trump as the 46th President of the United States, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize Winner economist predicted a plunging stock market and a doomed economy.

“It really does now look like Pres. Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect to recover? If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never….We are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight…” said Krugman.

Six months and a half into Pres. Trump’s administration, it looks like Krugman’s prayers have not been answered by a very uncooperative reality. The best evidence that Krugman’s doom and gloom prognostication turned out bust is that Madonna and the Hollywood nitwits have not packed-up their bags and deport themselves beyond our borders as they promised before the election.

While CNN, MSNBC and most of the TV and print media have serve the public with the never-ending coverage of the alleged or imagined collusion by the Trump campaign and the Russians day in and day out, the Trump administration continued to lumber along amid chaos, apparent or real.

While the media focused on Gen. Michael Flynn’s alleged transactions with the Russians, Trump dismantled Obama era regulations to the delight of the business community. It has unleashed the energy potential of the U.S. leading it to a path of energy independence.

While he media was consumed by the reported meeting of Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer, Donald Trump gave the go-signal to the construction of the Keystone pipeline, a two Billion dollars job generating infrastructure project that does not require government expenditure.

While the left kept busy filling the airwaves portraying Trump as racist, his administration quietly reduced illegal border crossings by 50% based of Department of Homeland Security estimates, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

While the left called him an idiot, this “idiot” appointed a brilliant Supreme Court justice to serve in the US Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch.

While the New York Times fantasized about members of the Trump campaign colluding with Russian intelligence agents, Donald Trump shamed members of NATO for not spending as required for the group’s collective defense and for the first time in a long while, they are paying their fair share.

While his critics paint him as soft with the Russians, he bombed Syria, a puppet of Russia, to freeze Pres. Bashar Assad in a corner after he used chemical weapons to attack his own people.

While the Democrats and the media pundits characterized special congressional elections as referendum on Trump, the Republican candidates in Kansas, Montana, Georgia and South Carolina just kept on winning, leaving the Democrats sulking in a shut-out.

While the left and media pundits have declared American global leadership under Trump in decline, Trump’s diplomatic team just scored a huge victory at the United Nations when it was able to marshal a 15-0 unanimous vote, including China and Russia, to impose major sanctions on North Korea for its continued nuclear weapons development. It is rare, if not the first, that China would agree to sanction its client state.

While his critics say that he has no sound strategy to defeat ISIS, he unshackled his military from the restrictive rules of engagement and the US and its allies have finally broken the back of ISIS in Mosul and is about to land the final blow to ISIS in Raqqa, Syria.

The numbers tell the story. Unemployment rate as of July, 2017 is at 4.3%, a 16-year low. Over one million jobs were created in six months.

The stock market has reached historic highs with DOW, up by 12% in 2017, hitting above 22,000 for the first time and increasing the value of American wealth by over a trillion dollars in six months.

Apple supplier Foxxconn will invest $10 Billion to build a plant in Wisconsin. Toyota and Mazda will invest $1.6 Billion in new plants in the US.

Trump’s tweets drive his critics and even some of his supporters nuts, but business investors know how to sift through the ways of the unconventional Trump. They understand that he is open for business. And when they come, the people gain.


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