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I love Purple Patch (in more ways than one)

By John Victoria

Deputy Chair, NaFFAA Capital Region 2 & Board Member, Filipino Young Professionals of Metro DC

WASHINGTON D.C. The food? It’s a given that my tongue is going on a culinary paradise. My go-tos are Mama Alice’s crunchy lumpia with banana ketchup dipping sauce, what I like to call the head-turning sizzling sisig (people’s heads will literally turn), and ube ice cream with brownie.

The service? Excellent. The servers are friendly, upbeat, and very knowledgeable with the food. They are always coming by to check up on how we’re enjoying the food and if we need anything. It’s smiles all around and the level of professionalism at Purple Patch is consistent and always very impressive. I always feel at home there. Matter of fact, I love Purple Patch so much I had Mother’s Day dinner there with my Mom and on more than one occasion, I’ve screeched into microphones karaoke renditions of Bruno Mars for several birthday celebrations in Purple Patch’s private event space.

What more? What I wanted to sit down and personally share with you right now is a few stories about the community support Purple Patch has done that a lot of people might not be aware of. As they say, you should never be the one to “toot your own horn” so I wanted to be the one to share a few stories about Purple Patch and how much of a pillar it is in the community. I can only speak from first-hand experience and anecdotes I’ve heard, but I wanted to share with you how amazing Purple Patch and Patrice (the owner of Purple Patch) are not only inside the restaurant, but outside.

Let me say this: whenever there was a need for a community food donation, a venue, or event sponsor, Purple Patchhas always been there to lend a helping hand. Personally, I’ve seen first-hand her dedication to the community in her level of support, and I wanted to share with you a few of those experiences.

Flashback to the end of November of 2016…

District VI, a collegiate organization who is dedicated to promoting unity and cooperation between Filipino collegiate organizations in the DMV area, was planning their annual Semi-Formal dance and in need of sponsors. It was extremely last minute as the event was in less than two weeks. I e-mailed Patrice to see if they’d be willing to help sponsor the annual event because we were in need. It was late in the fiscal year and at that time, Patrice had shared with me that they had already gone over budget in terms of how much they could help sponsor. I made an ask to see if she would be willing to support, but I completely understood if she chose not to. They were overspent! Despite having spent over budget in terms of donations throughout the year, she said she would still dig deep to support District VI because of her commitment to us and our community. She surprised and humbled me as she then chose our biggest sponsorship package, the “District VI Pasko” to help support our event.


Purple Patch’s Patrice Cleary (4th from left) and John Victoria (extreme right) with the Manila Mail’s Eric Macalma Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott and Luis Florendo at a Philippine Embassy function.


Moving forward to May 2017…

I met up with the owner of Mangia DC, Dave Saxe, who runs a food tour company in the DC area. We were discussing digital marketing work he needed help for regarding his website and it was my first time meeting him. After a two-hour meeting going back and forth on different ideas, we walked off together discussing one of my favorite topics…food. I off-hand mentioned to him how if he ever had the chance that he should visit this great restaurant in DC called Purple Patch. They had sizzling sisig to die for, great imported Filipino beers, and sweet treats like ube ice cream and turon. He had to come if he had never been!

What surprised me is that when I finished speaking, he stopped walking. He looked at me, smiled, then said, “I know of Purple Patch. Filipino restaurant, right? The owner, Patrice, saved me THIS WEEK when a venue I booked for an event double booked and cancelled on me! Patrice opened up her doors for me to hold my event.” It almost spelled disaster for Dave because he already had quite a few people signed up for the event and needed a venue in a pinch. He reached out to Patrice because one of her staff knew Dave, she worked her magic and secured the venue for Mangia DC, and disaster was averted. This story was completely spontaneous and really showed how deep Patrice’s reach and help goes in the DC community.

And most recently, this past July 2017…

The Filipino Young Professionals and the National Federation of Filipino American Associations Region 2 held a charity fundraising happy hour to raise money for the purchase of replica Congressional Gold Medals for our World War II veterans. Throughout the year, Patrice has been a huge pillar of support to the two organizations through allowing us to use her space for events as well as her in-kind donations. Leading up to the event, I reached out to her to let her know that because of her tremendous support throughout the year, we wanted to include her as a sponsor. She has always been a strong supporter of our organizations and I wanted to extend that to her without obligation. Despite how much she’s already give, upon hearing we were holding an event she said that she wanted to offer to donate a heaping tray of panic bihon. I personally was moved by her kindness. Patrice did not have to make a donation at all, yet she still chose to even after giving so much. I truly felt how much of a priority Patrice made it to support the community and I want to tell these stories so that you are aware of it as well.

Many people say that they are happy to support, but never do. Many people will talk the talk, but never walk the walk. There are many of those people in this world, but Patrice is not one of those people. Purple Patch is not that type of business. In every interaction I’ve had with her and Purple Patch both personally and by anecdote, there has been a steady and consistent level of support whatever the ask. Patrice has always found a way to accommodate. I am proud to know Patrice and she is a role model in the community to be aspired to.

Thank you, Patrice for your dedication to the community both known and unknown. Purple Patch has created a space for us to




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