Tuesday , January 16 2018
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A young lady now living in Virginia who just passed the nursing board examination in the Philippines wanted to exercise the option of being sworn in as a licensed registered nurse without having to spend for a round trip airline fare to Manila and attend the swearing in ceremony.

Based on information she gathered, she could take her oath as a licensed registered nurse before a Philippine Consular Officer. She went to the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. for this purpose.

It was her first time at the Consular Office in Washington, D.C. She wasn’t sure which window she was supposed to transact business so she just stood in line behind a queue of people.

“Napagalitan pa ako noong taga Embassy. Mali daw yong pinilahan ko. Ang rude ng tunog niya. Unprofessional.”

Somehow she got to the right window and the officer told her what documents to complete and submit. She was also told to make copies of documents and she had to drag her Lola who was with her outside the building to look for a photocopy machine.

“Wala bang copier diyan sa loob for the convenience of the public?”

Baka sira nung araw na yon because one tsismoso has been to that office and there was a copier months ago.

Anyway, this aspiring nurse was able to complete her submission mid-morning and she was told to come back around three o’clock to be sworn in by the Consular Officer.

She and her Lola and her 16-year old niece left for lunch and came back soon after to wait for the oath taking call.

Three o’clock came, she listened, she waited and she was not called. It was about four o’clock and she, her Lola and her niece, were the only lonely souls left in the consular office waiting area. An Embassy employee approached and ask, “Ano po ang hinihintay ninyo?”

“Por diyos, por santo! I was told to come back in the afternoon and wait to be called when the Consul is available to swear me in. Ang lahat ay tinawag na at naka-alis na. Namuti na ang mata ko sa kahihintay, tapos, hindi pala nila alam kung bakit ako nandoon? Did they even submit my paperwork to the Consul. Did they even tell the Consul that somebody is waiting to be sworn in as a licensed nurse in the Philippines? Kumulo talaga ang dugo ko!”

Anyway, the aspiring nurse was finally sworn in as a licensed professional.

She told her Aunt about her experience and her Aunt told her- “Pareho lang tayo. A couple of years ago, napagalitan din ako diyan at mali and pinilahan ko.”

Her 16-year old niece also asked her- Why is it that those people inside the service window are even rude to each other?” She didn’t understand what they were talking about but was just interpreting their sound and body language.

Wish ko lang, sabi ng aspiring nurse, they should be nicer and more attentive to the needs of the people. Tsismoso agrees. A kinder and gentler and more efficient Consular Office would really contribute to the image that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Here’s Tsismoso advice to potential customers of the Consular Office- bring a pillow so you can sleep comfortably while waiting to be served, bring ear plugs para hindi mo marinig kung nabulwayan ka sa maling pila, and bring a rosary para hindi ka makapagmura kung inabot ka nang siyam siyam sa kahihintay.

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