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Badge of courage

Pres. Donald Trump again found himself on the receiving end of negative media treatment over his telephone call made to a widow of an American special forces soldier killed in Niger. He made the call after consulting with his White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly who has experienced the grief of losing a soldier son while serving in Afghanistan.

According to Kelly, he did not encourage the president to make the call and told him that other presidents don’t usually make the call but just send letters to the family the dead soldier. The president asked Kelly what to say. The general said that there is nothing you can say to erase the pain but if he had to say something he proposed the message that was also suggested to him by another general and it goes this way…

“He was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining the 1 percent. He knew what the possibilities were because we are at war. And when he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this earth: his friends.”

Trump tried to convey the message to the widow of Green Beret David Johnson. During the private conversation however, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D, Florida) was listening. Rep. Wilson wasted no time to fire her anti-Trump salvo as she has done before. She accused the president of being insensitive to the grieving family for telling the widow that her husband knew what he was getting into. And most of the mainstream media jumped with glee and joined the attack. Days later, Johnson’s widow appeared on TV saying that Trump’s call made very upset and hurt and she cried even more.

Trumped unwittingly provided his critics more fuel when he claimed that most of his predecessors did not call the widows or families of fallen soldiers. Former aides of the Bushes and Obama disputed Trump’s statement and called it a lie. General Kelly however categorically said that when his soldier son was killed in Afghanistan, neither he nor his wife got a call from President Obama.

When men and women join the military, especially at a time of conflict, the risk of personal harm or even loss of life is just all too real. They understand, yet they willingly serve. Trump was simply stating the obvious and the message encapsulates the courage of those who serve in the military. They are fully aware of the risks. They endure pain and suffering, still they persevere. Only patriots of a different breed are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Partisan politics however have gone berserk. The anti-Trump critics in Congress and in the media have poisoned a well-intentioned attempt at expressing sympathy by acknowledging the bravery of a fallen warrior. Perhaps if one has bad vibes towards the President, even words of praise could be viewed in the most negative light.

To the anti-Trump RESIST movement, this president is incapable of doing something right. If he donates blood, they will accuse him of spreading virus. If he donates money, they will say that it’s not his anyway. If he donates a kidney, they will say it’s not charitable unless he donates both.

While the family of David Johnson wept over the untimely death of their hero, Rep. Frederica Wilson was running rounds in the media proudly proclaiming that she has become a rock star. Now she is calling Gen. John Kelly a racist for referring to her like an empty barrel that makes much noise. Truth hurts.


It’s Hollywood’s time to do some soul searching. One of its biggest film producers Harvey Weinstein has been accused by quiet a handful of actresses of rape, sexual assault and misconduct. Should we be shocked that Weinstein has gotten away with his lascivious eruptions for so long that it has become an open secret?

Remember famous Director Roman Polanski? He was convicted of raping a 13-year old girl. He avoided a long sentence by escaping the United States. Poor girl. She lost her innocence before she knew what tampon is for. Hollywood took pity indeed, not for the young victim but for the predator. The likes of Meryl Streep and Mia Farrow openly defended Polanski.

Farrow’s defense of Polanski looks weird considering that a dirty old man name Woody Allen, who was her husband or boyfriend had sex with Farrow’s adopted child, later abandoning Farrow and marrying Farrow’s child.

Jane Fonda now admits that she knew of Weinstein’s cardinal sins but kept quiet.

Hollywood made Weinstein. It also gave us Bill Cosby. By their silence, they acquiesced in the transgressions. One media pundit points out that Pennsylvania State University football coach Joe Paterno was run out of town for not speaking out over the pedophilic acts of his assistant coach. If they do that in Hollywood, they may run out of people to complete a film.


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