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Rewriting history?

The ruling board of the Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia has decided to remove the plaque honoring the first President of the United States, George Washington. Yes, it is the same George Washington who led a ragtag rebel army to cross the frigid Delaware river and strike at the Red Coats.

George Washington attended this church for twenty years since it opened in 1773. He even purchased a pew that was named in his honor. The GW plaque is installed on the right side of the altar.

Also ordered removed is a plaque in honor of another Virginian, Confederate Army commander Robert E. Lee. His plaque is on the other side of the altar.

The powers that be at the Christ Church now view the plaque for Pres. George Washington as an endorsement of racism because the first president of the United States owned slaves. As for the plaque of Robert E. Lee, it is because he fought under the flag that advocated for slavery.

After the violent Charlottesville protests some months back, the president of the University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan released an email quoting Thomas Jefferson exhorting the students “to rule its future enmities, its friendships and its fortunes.” Many professors and students signed a petition demanding that she refrain from quoting Thomas Jefferson because as a slave owner he undermines the message of unity, equality and civility that the university should convey.

There’s more noise every year to do away with the Christopher Columbus holiday. Poor Christopher, if the progressive left will have their way, his adventure that opened America to the new world should not merit adulation, but rather opprobrium. He has been judged guilty of brutal conquest.

I respect the sincerity of the politically correct or progressive or whatsamacollit. But how about being consistent? Those who have sinned by breaking the commandments of left-wing orthodoxy at some point in their lives should be shunned forever from its honor roll.

How did a certified former Ku Klux Klan become a longtime leading voice of the Democratic Party in the Senate and extolled to the heavens by Democratic luminaries at his funeral rites? He was very good at bringing home the bacon to his home state. His name was Robert Byrd of West Virginia. How much would it cost to rename countless public facilities to sanitize the state from his racist past?

How about the sins of former President Bill Clinton? A couple of women claim to have been raped by Bubba and a few others complained of sexual harassment. Is Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein just a sacrificial beast for a phony conscience cleansing of the left?

Those who believe, particularly the religious people, that marriage should only be between a man and a woman are now tagged as purveyors of hate. Yet the last two heroes of the left, former presidents Bill Clinton and the undisputed darling of progressives, President Barack Obama, both ran on a campaign that promoted and recognized marriage only between man and woman. Are they haters too for taking a position on the marriage issue based on what they thought was the prevailing view?

Generations of Americans have looked up to George Washington as the epitome of a leader. He was courageous warrior in war and an unselfish citizen in peace. He did not lead the fight to amass power for himself. He had planned to retire as a farmer but was prevailed upon to provide a steady hand needed to guide a newly born nation. He owned slaves at a time when it was the norm of the times.

Those who want to diminish the significance of his role in the birth of what is now the greatest nation on earth ignores the reality that achievers could have some social flaws. The bible readers will remind us of what Jesus said: Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone! But then this means nothing to the progressive left. Jesus who?



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