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Thank you

Where have all the turkeys gone? Gone to stomachs everyone…

Thanksgiving Day is done. Who had a lot to be thankful for?

If you do not wake up with aches and pains, be thankful that your body can still obey what the mind desires. Do not complain if you must park farther than you would like. You don’t realize how lucky you are until you find the need to apply for a disabled parking permit.

If you wake up with aches and pains, be thankful that you are still waking up hoping to find the remedy for your aches and pains. Hope springs eternal, so they say. The love and affection showered on you and the wonders of medicine could banish, if not make the aches and pains tolerable. If there is no one to heap love and affection on you, well try going to church. Somebody in there will love you for sure.

If you have a place to go home to and a source of income to feed you and your, praise the heavens for your blessings. There are millions out there lost in the dessert and the rough seas risking their lives just to find food and shelter. Be generous. You cannot eat everything you can buy. You cannot take all your possessions to your grave.

For the American workers, they can thank a humming economy that’s producing the lowest unemployment rate in a decade at 4.1%.

For those invested in retirement plans, they can thank a record high in the stock market. Household wealth in the U.S. jumped $1.7 trillion this year.

For the politicians and celebrities whose names have not been in the limelight lately, be thankful. This is the time when you can really say, no news is good news. You don’t want your name to be feasted upon in the media because someone has just remembered an alleged sexual encounter that was not worth remembering but continues to torture the mind of the complainant.

For O.J. Simpson, he’s got a lot to thank for. No more prison pajamas at night and his retirement income is still beyond the reach of the families who were awarded millions of dollars in the civil suit for the death of his wife Nicole Simpson.

As for me, my wife and I spent our thanksgiving in our new abode. Moving never crossed our minds when we welcomed 2017. But just like a baby for many couples, it just happened unplanned. We were driving by an area in the community where my daughter lives and just found a place that really suited our present lifestyle. And being close to our granddaughter was a big part of it.

When you move from a house to a condo, they call it downsizing. In my case, I call it liberation.

I used to mow my lawn but my allergic reaction to grass only brought misery that outweighed any benefits from physical exercise. I finally gave up and just paid for lawn service.

I am now in the peak of life. Many years ago, I enjoyed shoveling snow. I can’ say that it got boring over the years, but I also gave up and just paid the young man who cut our grass to also shovel snow in the winter. Well, I don’t look at it as the mark of a lazy couch potato. I just thought of sharing what little I have with my fellow man, so I pay. Tama ba ang palusot?

In our move, we also found gems in friendship. After the movers were done unloading boxes that I could not count with my fingers and toes many times over, I figured it may take a month to convert our new nest from a warehouse to a real home.

Just like angels from heaven, an acquaintance of my wife from her college days and her husband volunteered to help us empty most of the boxes the weekend following our move. They even offered to buy us lunch. And to add to our lucky stars, they even want to buy and install for us the TV wall mount. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Rolly and Linda are church-going Catholics. I thank their priest for preaching to them the biblical lesson of helping those in need, especially that I’m the beneficiary.

There is no way you can repay the goodness of a person’s heart. I have said thank you only once, lest I sound boring if I repeat it over and over again. I will however pray that the heavens will rain gold and silver in their doorsteps now and forever more, even if only in their dreams.



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