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Fresh Start for 2018

As we bid last year goodbye, with gratitude, we recognized and gave thanks for the many blessings we received. We honor what has been and welcome what is in front of us. With a new year comes new beginnings. For many of us, the new year holds the promise of hope. We see it as an opening to make a new choice. Are we ready for a fresh start? It doesn’t matter whether we’ve made mistakes or taken the wrong turns in the past. If we stay open and available to good outcome, we find great blessings waiting for us to receive.

Embrace the Day

Today, let’s seize the moment of that fresh opportunity to make positive changes in life as they hold the promise of tomorrow. As I go about my daily routine, I do my best to be able to cope even in the midst of challenging situations. Surrounding myself with inspirational readings, my first waking thought is gratitude and my final nighttime prayer is thanksgiving- thankful for the basic necessities to the grandest dreams.

New Year, Healthy You

So here we are again, at that time of year when we all (well, most of us anyway) make a list of New Year’s resolution. This year, I’ll forget about these resolutions and instead pay more attention to our New Year’s evolution. Anyway, resolutions imply and imposition of will over joy; of forcing over allowing; of demanding over flowing. Evolution simply means gradual and flowing development through undemanding process.

Dieting is first on our list. Instead of solely focusing on weight loss, we could pay attention to “New Year, Healthy you!” Make this year, “you go from good health to great”. It’s easier and less painful than we think. The trick is to make small adjustments and let them add up. It is totally doable. To make a start: Eat breakfast. It is a common knowledge that people who eat a morning meal are more energized, focused and weigh less. An ideal choice is (if you can) oatmeal with nonfat milk and fresh fruit such as strawberries or blueberries mixed in; try a calcium supplement daily; whole grains of oatmeal and brown rice; drink milk; hydrate with water; lunch on salad; floss to avoid gum disease. 

Money Saving Resolutions for the New Year

My sister in San Francisco shared with me said topic during one of our phone- chatting nights. She attended a session on Practical Money Savings sponsored by one of their organizations in the area. We’ve made a lively conversation but it turned out that both of us have already engaged in on several of these mentioned practical approaches. I believe, the same with most of us. Nonetheless, I’d like to share them with you.

Go on an H2O diet. For the next 12 months, give up ordering soft drinks whenever you eat out. Ask for water instead. Every time you do this, stash 2 into your savings. Even if you save only $10 a week, that’s 520 a year; Cut back on a few extras. Go out for one less meal with your family a week. Skip one movie a month, and trim back other entertainment such as sports events and concerts. This could mean at least $100 a month into your savings, $1,200 a year; Save on groceries. Instead of buying name-brand cereal for $4 a box, opt for your store’s premium label, also known as the store brand. Expect to save $150. 

Extend the interval between trips to the hair dresser from every four weeks to five weeks. Save $150; Do your own nails. Now we are getting serious, but you’ll save at least $260 if you usually pay $20 with your appointment every four weeks. If you can’t face that possibility, cut your appointment in half. Savings: $130; Spend less on clothes. Save $25 by buying less at the mall each month ($300). Reducing your apparel spending by 25% will net you, conservatively, $500 in 2018; Adjust your cable package. Find out what levels of service your cable provider offers. You may be surprised to see that the channels you really want are part the basic service package. And expect to save at least $25 a month, at least, $240 a year; Find a better deal on insurance plans. Call around or go on the internet to find lower quotes on your auto and home-owner/renter’s insurance. Your want to get the same or better terms and coverage (listed on the front sheet of your current ploicies0, but for less. If you find a lower quote, call your agent if they can match it

With a calculator on hand while my sister and I were discussing the amount of money we could save following these mindful habits of spending, we’re talking about $5000 to save this year. Wow! Of course, it’s going to require some discipline, effort, tenacity and even a bit of sacrifice. But just imagine looking at our bank balance a year from now and finding that amount, or more. What an incentive!

Clutters from Our Life

Why do we have clutter in our life? No doubt about it – throwing away things we own involves a risk. “What if I need this object later, after it’s too late? and “What about the sentimental feelings involved? I have known this fact for some time now that people save things because it gives them a sense of control over life. Usually it is a sign of insecurity, a way of holding onto something so that we know it will be there tomorrow. We have to recognize this and accept it.

The act of saving and collecting objects is not bad in itself, but it can replace one’s inner confidence with an outer manifestation of security. That, in turn, makes us vulnerable.

Process of Eliminating. We must choose which possessions will remain and which ones should go. Don’t try to grasp and hold on to everything. That simply keeps us from being in-charge of our own life. Pick one area of the house. Start in the front hall or den.

Clothing or paper clutters are just a few things that needed purging in the house. How about important things of Financial Clutter, Priorities and Procrastination and last, but not the least, Cluttered Time Management? We need to tackle about eliminating these important clutters from our life at another time. Meanwhile don’t be overwhelmed, as these, too, can be resolved. Hopes and Faith are in order.

Happy New Year to One and All!

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