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At the Edge of the Cliff

Here we are at the edge of the cliff of the New Year. This time often brings the closing of a chapter to some and to others the start of new beginnings. At the turn of the page on this very eve, it quickly comes to mind how quickly life passes in the blink of an eye, yet here we are at the edge looking back at the year before while hopefully gazing into the near future ahead. From this point of view, I can see the beauty where past meets future.

That’s the funny thing that comes with every New Year as most spend time looking introspectively at the rollercoaster of life. Sometimes those tracks look longer than they are, because of the ups and downs that we all go through, but nonetheless life is like an oxymoron when one is caught in this year to year reflection. How can life seem so long yet so quick, or so far yet so near? Some leave the past year with pain and agony, while others lean on the hope of a new day.

Maybe that’s the part of the journey we all take in this temporary home we find here on Earth. After all we are all human, when one can see their past and future collide when on the edge of that cliff. Like a broken mirror, that image splits into more ways than one when gazing at that reflection eye to eye.

For me personally I have had many hurts, yet many triumphs, many tears, and many laughs, but I am simply at peace knowing that at 32, brings in many fond memories while creating new ones ahead. From this point of view I am simply at peace, looking into that sky it all its colors from up here.

Maybe that’s why I have always have been a hopeless romantic when it comes to staring into the expanses of the space. I think that is also why I have always loved sunsets over sunrises. You see sunsets always brings with it the graceful painting of memories etched into stone, but the light of new colors coming with the morning. After all the sun “our hope” comes with the morning.

If life were only as simple as this, maybe we would be living in a different world. Maybe life would look like a different picture. Maybe I would be in a different place right now, but as time stands still even for this moment, all I can say is that life is beautiful, and isn’t it great to be alive. With that I send a toast to the New Year.

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