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Mayor TNT

In November last year, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa was shot dead in his jail cell by police officers purporting to serve a search warrant in the wee hours of the morning. Espinosa voluntarily surrendered to the authorities after having been publicly identified as a drug lord by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

After the death of Espinosa, Duterte took his aim at Iloilo City Mayor Patrick Jed Mabilog. “You’re next.” Mabilog was also publicly tagged as a drug lord coddler. He was later dismissed by the Ombudsman for dishonesty.

The Mayor denied the accusation. He reportedly owns a mansion no mayor’s salary could buy although his wife works as an accountant in Canada.

But if you are publicly targeted by Duterte and a mayor already died in cold blood even inside a jail cell, sino ang hindi ma-iihi sa pantalon? Pres. Duterte transferred the Chief of Police of Albuera to Iloilo City. This Chief of Police was the same Chief when Espinosa was gunned down. Lalong na-ihi sa pantalon seguro si Mayor. He went on sick leave, then extended his sick leave.

Now he and his family have reportedly left the Philippines in fear of their lives. Self- preservation is a natural reaction.

According to a sneaky mouse who cannot talk, Mayor Mabilog has been seen in Metro Washington area. Those of you hoping to collect a reward, forget it. There is no price on his head. Hindi siya wanted ng batas. Wanted lang siya ng Misis niya. At baka kamukha lang ito ni Mayor.

Sabi ng daga, kung totoo iyan, baka mag-apply siya ng asylum.


Maraming reklamador sa mga Pinoy. Ito yata ang pastime natin. What is your reclaim? Kung sa atin pa, ano ang reklamo mo, Day?

It is a Filipino custom to give abuloy when somebody dies. So what is wrong with soliciting help for the bereaved family?

According to this tsismoso, this group solicits donations when a Pinoy dies. The solicitor allegedly asks the donor to make the donation payable to the name of the individual solicitor. But when the check donation is handed to the family of the deceased, it is issued from the account of an organization.

Ang tanong ni reklamador, papaano malaman ng pamilya ng namatay kung sino at magkano ang inabuloy ng bawat tao na nagbigay?

Sana sa susunod na patay, hindi na dapat payable ang donation sa pangalan ng solicitor. May katukwiran ka, Day.

Wala na sanang mamatay para walang reklamo.


Goodbye, 2016.

Tsismoso has his list of nominations for “Man of the Year.”

First on the list is former Maryland Delegate David Valderrama. Last time I heard after all these years, he is still a man. For all his years in the limelight, including in public service, he has survived and resisted all the temptations. Proof of that is nobody has accused him of sexual harassment. None that we know of, at least. Baka siya pa raw ang na-harass.

Second on the list is Eric Lachica. He is tsismoso’s Don Quijote in his never-say-die fight for Medicare portability, constant blabbering for WWII Pinoy veterans and for his bleeding heart for jailed Philippine Senator Leila Delima.

Third on the list is firebrand Jon Melegrito. He joined the Million Women March after the presidential inauguration in a sea of women and still came out a man. Imelda Marcos’ D.C. tormentor is really the voice of the community. Sino na ang mag-Emcee na marunong mag-English kung wala na si Jon?

There will be no fourth on the list. I ask my fans to pick one of Tsismoso’s Three Musketeers.

Maligayang Pasko at Maligo Daw Kayo Sa Bagong Taon!

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