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Present Moment

Life takes on new meaning as I understand the power of the present moment. All that has gone before has brought us to this moment. I realize the futility of past regrets and let them go. To live fully in the present, we must also realize that the future is a concept that we aspire to happen, but nothing is that so certain. In this moment there is infinite possibility but present moments seem so brief. So, we concentrate on what is at hand for us to do, put our energy and focus on making the most of what is before us right now. Present moment is all there is, so we choose to live fully in the now. We begin by appreciating what is present in our life – our family, friends, our work, the beauty of nature and life itself, realizing that our thoughts and actions have brought us to this moment and its blessings.

The present also brings us new opportunities to grow and the inspiration to think in new ways and step out in new directions. Our readiness for what lies ahead depends on what we make of today’s opportunities. When we feel stressed or tired, it may not be easy to accomplish all that we would like to do. In order for us to feel vibrant and ready to create positive changes in life, we must take time for renewal, allowing ourselves to step away from the “busyness” for physical and self-care. We do this by getting enough sleep, eating well, having fun, spending quiet times, relaxing into a sense of peace by taking a gentle breath and let go of all that has come before this time.

Opportunities for Change

Life has given us many opportunities. We want fulfillment of every need – health in mind and body, prosperity to live with ease and comfort, the love of family and friends, peace in relationships with others, and harmony in our community – having a sense of complete well-being. How sweet life is when we experience all these! But sometimes we are faced with challenges that seem beyond our capabilities, creating stumbling blocks toward fulfillment of aspirations.

Changes may be simple as rearranging plans, or as complex as an unexpected challenge. I have learned through experience that change is an essential element needed to make the choices that will most effectively move me forward. It is simply the consequence of choice. If we are doing something we enjoy, time seems to speed by. The opposite can also be true.

Now, What?

As this new year begins and we want change to happen to fulfill something new or realignment of pathway, now is the time to move forward. But are you ready to commit today, aligning priorities and values?

With experience and a some years under belt, here are some real people (known and unknown) who seized the present moments, changed the course of their lives and made their marks: A long-time library assistant in Hawaii wants to uproot her life and career and moved to California to become a magazine journalist. “After my job in Buffalo was eliminated, I put my house up for sale and, 11 weeks later moved to an apartment outside Orlando, she found a managerial job in the Disney Land – it’s been amazingly liberating;” The actor left the screen for public office as California governor; after working odd jobs, he opened the first KFC franchise.

Our Favorite Topics

Talking about change, my group of friends’ favorite topic now-a-days is downsizing and medical concerns. Some of us are still working, about to retire and already retired.

Realigning priorities and values, the retirees have already made big changes in life. Downsizing, they have moved from single homes to smaller and manageable residences like condominiums. All echoed similar challenges in disposing big and small items they accumulated over the years, from furniture to clothing, in their former houses. Moving from cities closer to Washington, DC, (as a frame of reference), to cities further out is a matter of choice and preference. The poignant matter to deal with in moving to another place is the sentimental value of the home that the husband and wife are leaving after years of nesting there through thick and thin. But at the end of the day, understanding the reason for this change, we let go of the past and move on to the new way of life as a part of retirement and aging process.

There are also topics and other issues on healthcare and personal needs that we chat about. “Fifty is the new 40,” we tell ourselves, when the mathematical reality is no, it’s not. Fifty will never even be the new 49 and ½. Then comes a bit of wisdom that, if anything, seems like the most shopworn of all: When we talk about this age topic, we’re partial to different ways to make us look and feel younger than our age. We purchase lotions that would clear, rejuvenate and lift the skin of the face and neck, and cosmetics that would make-up the face. We get haircuts that would serve as our crowning glory. All these physical, mental and health issues are part of the changes in the well-being of the adults and retired persons.

Yes, changes are inevitable as life goes on. It happens when we seize the opportunity to do so. At the end, we give thanks for the power of the present moment.


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