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Mentally unfit?

For most of 2017, the mainstream media gave us an overdose of opinion and speculation passed on as news relating to alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. With no credible evidence to show after a year, they are now dishing out a new recipe to carry out their mission to bring down the Trump presidency.

Trump is not mentally fit to be president. That’s the new talk of the town since the release of Fire and Fury, a book written by a gossip writer, Michael Wolfe, purportedly based on insider accounts.

Except for his youngest son, the Trump children are all self-accomplished professionals, more successful than children of other pontificating politicians and media pundits. No drug addicts and no drunks. They have learned the value of work. That’s crazy good for a father to raise productive children.

Trump was born to a rich father. Yet, his present wealth is not inherited. He was able to build a business empire from the juices of his brain power. That’s crazy good.

With no experience in politics and no record in public service, he aspired to win the ultimate prize, the most powerful job on earth, President of the United States. In the primaries, he was up against seventeen highly qualified and talented field of experienced politicians and professionals.

Nobody gave him a shot. I myself thought that Trump would have a short shelf life after a burst into prominence in the early stages of the primary. With his loose lips, he invited controversies saying the Sen. John McCain was not a hero because he was captured and calling some Mexicans who cross the border as rapists and criminals.

Yet, he knew how to wiggle his way out from a quagmire by correctly reading the public pulse and tapping into the angst of the common people. That’s crazy smart.

He ended up the last man standing in the Republican primary, making fools of professional pundits who dismissed him in the beginning as a nuisance candidate. That’s hardly a feat of a mentally challenged overachiever.

His next casualty was Sen. Hillary Clinton and the vaunted Democratic Party money machine. While the Clinton campaign sat back and let their expensive ads to the talking, Trump went on with his political assault on the cheap, relying on Twitter, Facebook and face to face with the voters who flooded his rallies. The result, cheap campaign budget beats costly campaign budget. That’s crazy good.

He has one year under his belt as President. What does a mentally unfit President supposed to deliver? He had barely opened the door to the West Wing when the left’s favorite economist and New York Times columnist predicted that the stock market would tank and will never recover. Certainly, a mentally unfit President will create havoc in the economy.

But what did Trump do in the last twelve months? He has unleashed the energy potential of the U.S., shortening the road to energy independence. That doesn’t seem to be a crazy idea unless you subscribe to the idea that Al Gore is the prophet whose commandments are infallible. Since there are serious scientists, even a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, who dispute Al Gore’s prophecies, Trump has company who are certified by their peers as brilliant.

He has shredded many government regulations deemed burdensome to business activity and drag on growth.

His verbal brinksmanship in the North Korea issue has induced the Central Bank of China to blacklist companies doing business with North Korea. For the first time, the U.S. Security Council has unanimously agreed to an oil embargo of North Korea. The leaders of the European Union may be annoyed by his tweets, but on the North Korea issue, they vote with Trump. Reality check. Dow Jones broke 25,000 this month, a peak not imaginable in the last few years. That’s crazy good.

And then, there’s the tax cuts that Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicts will bring Armageddon. Crazy? If so, the man who inspired Trump’s and Reagan’s tax cuts must have been crazy. Yet, John F. Kennedy is revered as the President who brought the good times with his tax cuts.

Reality check. Dow Jones broke 25,000 this month, a peak not imaginable before. Unemployment rate is at its lowest at 4.1% in two decades. GDP growth exceeded 3% in at least two quarters in 2017, a burst that never happened in the Obama administration. That’s crazy good.

I would rather have a bad-ass president who can deliver my bread and butter, rather than a congenial intellectual elite who could not see the trees for the forest.

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