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Oh, To Be Young

My three older grandsons are athletic and high-spirited as healthy boys can be. They are lively and generate much chaos. But occasionally, they surprise me with deep insight.

My oldest grandson who is twelve, is the most introspective of the trio. He is impressed by my title as “Columnist, Manila Mail.” He is imaginative and reveals much by his many questions.

He was reading one of my articles which needed editing. “Lola, why didn’t you put that [sentence] in quotation marks?” Because it wasn’t a direct quote, I answered. “Why did you use that word?” Because it described the situation better, I explained. He listened intently and followed up with more questions. Finally, he nodded his head and said, “That makes sense.” I was relieved.

His next brother, age nine, doesn’t like reading, but he loves math. “So. So. Lolo, do you like math?” Well, lolo is super smart and does like math. “So. Well, I love algebra.” He says. “So. I know x and y.”

Lolo and apo had a lively discussion. Lolo asked him to solve a few algebraic problems and he gave the right answers. Lolo looked at me with raised brows, obviously impressed and proud of our Mr. Personality.

The youngest one, age seven, is imaginative and artistic. He draws from memory and has an uncanny sense of proportion. He gets easily frustrated and crumples his works if they don’t meet his standard. I have some of his “discards” but he insists on revisions before I take them home with me.

Their mother, who is my oldest daughter, showed me some samples of their essays. I was surprised and impressed by their imagination and candid self expression.

These are excerpts from their work:

This by the youngest – 

“My Leaf Story 

There was a Leaf Man at a tree. It was fall so the leaf man could see more colors than green. It was very windy to start a journey.

He went to my house. He saw us eating breakfast, and then we did homework. Then he went to a graveyard. Then he saw Martin Luther Ling’s grave, but it was scary.

Then he went to a Barcelona soccer game, and he saw Messi score! Then the Leaf Man went to Hogwarts. He saw Harry Potter, and then Ron Weasly.

Then he went somewhere that I don’t want to tell you, but it was in Asia. Then he found an elephant. Then he went to South America. He said this is like America but south. Next he went to the Great Lakes. Then he went back to the tree.

Did you know that the tree was at my house?”

This is by Mr. Math Personality –

“[If I’m the pharaoh] I want to be the god of the sun. My name is DA. My power is to get the sun to zap you! I think it’s cool and I think it’s the best power. [When I die, these are] what I want to have in my tomb – video games; soccer balls; [a] football; TV; a calculator; and a goalie glove.”

From the oldest apo – 

“Black is more than just a dark, secretive color. I chose black because it represents me. I like to stay up late into the night when everything is pitch black. I can control my actions. I can control what I do even if my brain is telling me to do something wrong.

One of the reasons black describes me is because I’m a night owl. This means I like to stay up late at night. I normally go to bed as early as 10:00pm and as late as 1:00am. This is due to many reasons. Reading, movies/youtube. Other times, I procrastinate while trying to do homework. 

Another reason my color is black is because I’m shy and secretive. Sometimes I steal my brother’s candy. I can share that [secret] with my parents. Other times, I can’t share some secrets with [them]. [They’re] either personal or just bad.

I’m not talkative. I don’t like to share my emotions with others….I have control over my feelings, actions, and what I say. Once, when I was about three years old, I got very annoyed with my baby brother for stealing one of my toys. I was about to punch him in the face when I realized what I was about to do and stopped. 

I can control my feelings too, when I feel outraged or dejected. I don’t really like to show it. When I’m irritated and angry, [or] I feel like I want to say something horrible, I hold it back because I don’t want to get into trouble.” 


How about that? I wish for them to remain curious. I wish for them to remain open to great ideas. I wish for them to remain creative. Happy New Year!




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